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Talk nonsense

Posted by Bruce Kahl on May 08, 2005

In Reply to: Talk nonsense posted by Gary on May 08, 2005

: : Can you give me a list of idioms that means to talk nonsense?

: A bunch of crap
: A load of cobblers
: A load of codswallop
: A load of crap
: A load of rubbish
: A pack of lies
: All my eye and Betty Martin
: Garbage in, garbage out
: Give me a break
: Horse feathers
: It's all Greek to me
: More money than sense
: Mumbo jumbo
: Oh, that way madness lies
: Sheer madness
: Stuff and nonsense
: Talk through your hat
: There's method in my madness
: This is very midsummer madness
: What a crock of ****

I just coined one:
Bush is giving a speech.

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