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Posted by Lewis on May 03, 2005

In Reply to: Sweating like a pig posted by ESC on May 03, 2005

: : : I would like to know how the phrase "sweating like a pig" originated.

: :
: : I guess it was somebody noticing that pigs sweat.

: The last time this phrase came up, it was determined that pigs don't sweat. From the archives:

: "Pigs, apparently, are pretty poor sweaters and in some breeds they hardly sweat at all. There's more, I also discovered that whilst hens don't sweat cows sweat better than pigs. However, the undoubted king of the sweaters it the Horse: were you foolish enough to ride one of these bare backed without serious leg protection the sweat would bring you out in a nasty rash where we humans don't like having rashes."

people rudely refer to large people as 'pigs' and large people do usually sweat more than skinny people. perhaps it is from that - or that liquid pours off a roasted pig?

My statement of the obvious was not as obvious as I thought.