Peas in a pod

Posted by R. Berg on May 03, 2005

In Reply to: Peas in a pod posted by Bob on May 03, 2005

: : : In reading the old book "Try and Stop Me" by Bennet Cerf, I came across this passage: "...the Doctors Piccard, are exact twins, as identical, to coin a phrase, as peas in a pod." Is it possible that this is the first time the phrase "Peas in a pod" was used as an idiom? The book was published in 1944. I find it hard to believe that Bennet Cerf coined the phrase... but maybe.

: : I've found a reference from 1905, but I doubt that it is the origin.

: Bennett had an impish sense of humor.

Mr. Cerf (yes, his first name has two t's) was just playing with his readers. Saying "to coin a phrase" there was a way of apologizing for using such a blatant cliché.