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What you got on the string today

Posted by Abe on April 26, 2005

In Reply to: What you got on the string today posted by DRC on April 26, 2005

: : : Does anyone have any knowledge of the phrase "What you got on the string today?" Or is that something that was made up by someone?

: : One of the definitions of string is "a series of things arranged in or as if in a line".

: : So when someone utters your phrase he or she is asking what is on your plan or agenda for today.

: : Just a guess.

: Could it be a reference to fishing? Back in the 1900's (or then abouts), wasn't string used as a crude fishing line?

There was a fishing tool called a "stringer". When one caught a fish the stringer would be inserted in the gill and out the mouth and the fish on the stringer could be returned to the water and kept alive for considerable time. "What you got on the string(er)?" would have been a common question.

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