'flights of fancy.'

Posted by Smokey Stover on June 15, 2005

In Reply to: 'flights of fancy.' Posted by Linda Fish on June 14, 2005

: I am trying to find out about the phrase 'flights of fancy.' So far I have been unsuccessful and was wondering if anyone can help! Anything to do with its history, origins and meanings. I have used it to head a narrative writing course which I have designed to teach children on the Internet and am sure they would appreciate any information as would I! Thank you.

I know nothing about the origin and history of "flights of fancy" except that fancy is an old word sometimes meaning what we call imagination. Flight, of course, is a means of movement that gets us off the ground and permits us to travel in all sorts of directions. It contrasts with the earth-bound and slow. A flight of the imagination is a nimble look at possibilities that may exist only in one's mind, but might, in some cases, be translated into reality. Hard to define without becoming in some way circular. SS