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Hot bunking

Posted by ESC on April 05, 2005

HOT BUNKING - Today a coworker, a Navy man, was talking about the scarcity of working vehicles at our agency. He said, "Somebody brought back a car and I took it out again. I was 'hot bunking.'" He explained the phrase is related to sleeping in shifts on a ship. There aren't enough bunks so one sailor gets up and another, just getting off duty, lies down before the other's body heat dissipates. Kentucky man, 30s, April 5, 2005.

(The reason we are short on cars: Some of the vehicles are so old or wrecked they can't be driven and have been parked for months. A request to replace them was submitted to management. The request for replacements was denied because the mileage/usage rate was so low on the junkers. They reasoned that since they weren't being driven, we must not need them.

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