Dog whistle politics

Posted by ESC on April 03, 2005

I believe someone posted about this phrase recently:

DOG WHISTLE POLITICS - Heard on National Public Radio (NPR) Weekend Edition, April 2, 2005, regarding politics in Great Britain. Means when a politician sends a message that an average person wouldn't respond to, but that a special interest group recognizes as intended for them.
Howard Gets Out His Dog-Whistle Again
November 24, 2002
Earlier this week, the Reverend Fred Nile, a Christian Democratic Party representative in the NSW Legislative Council, said that the government should ban the wearing of the chador by Muslim women because it could be used to conceal weapons and explosives. " (Prime Minister) John Howard's 'softly, softly' response to Fred Nile's attacks, reeks of the same quiet nods he gave to some of Pauline Hanson's extremist statements." "This is a classic case of 'dog-whistle' politics. By refusing to condemn these statements, Mr Howard is sending signals that he is prepared to tolerate racial stereotyping and prejudice without specifically saying so." news/2002/11/02-11-24.shtml Accessed April 3, 2005.