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"eat by their lights"?

Posted by James Briggs on March 13, 2005

In Reply to: "Eat by their lights"? posted by ESC on March 13, 2005

: : This is a synopys for an article that translates ancient roman recipes. I can't work out, for the life of me what it means. The recipes are for everything from greens to roasted tuna. And they look fine to me. There's nothing odd about them. I think I just must not know the expression.

: : "Ancient Romans knew how to eat, uh, by their lights anyway. Whether they match your lights is for you to decide..."

: : Thanks in advance,

: : Camel

: Apply this definition (Merriam-Webster) and it makes more sense. It is similar to "in their opinion."

: Lights -- 10 plural : a set of principles, standards, or opinions -- Worship according to one's lights. -- Adrienne Koch.

'Lights' is also a term for certain sorts of offal, mainly lungs. Perhaps a clue here?

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