Math quiz

Posted by Mugball-us on March 22, 2005

In Reply to: Math quiz posted by jon on March 22, 2005

: X10

: The second,
: And the fifteenth,
: The first,
: And the last,

The answer is, obviously. "Galahad!", because:

The 2nd, 15th, first and last letters of the alphabet spell out "B-O-A-Z". In the Bible, Boaz was the second husband of Ruth in the Book of Ruth. In Hebrew, "Boaz" means "strength". The X10 at the top means "times ten" (which is why this is a math problem), and hence the whole meaning of the puzzle is "strength times ten". Hence the answer is Galahad who said "My strength is as the strength of ten because my heart is pure." (Tennyson)

Piece of cake.