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"Inhale love, exhale hostility"

Posted by Bill Prat on April 19, 2000

In Reply to: "Inhale love, exhale hostility" posted by Mary Dodson on April 17, 2000

: Has anyone heard the phrase "Inhale love, exhale hostility" before? I think I may have made it up, but I'm not sure.
: I think I may have heard something similiar and adapted it. If anyone has any thoughts on this, please feel free to e-mail
: me. My address is: Thank you.

I have a few:
Live in hope should you die in despair
A stitch in time saves nine
The Whole Nine Yards is a misquote of the Nine (Square) Yard Hole which was the size of grave required to bury a man and wife 6ft under.
He who dares, wins
Kicking the dog makes an enemy of a faithful friend
You can't plough an acre with a dead horse (old Norfolk saying)
Be silent in the face of threat but carry a big stick.
Take away your neighbour freedom and you take away your own. (old Irish proverb)
Seeking praise condemns the act. (obscure scrawled reference found on the flyleaf of Jeffry Archer's autobiography in Kingston library.)
Breathing is one of the things that keeps you alive - don't stop before considering the consequences.
Love and Hate are separated by the thinnest tissue paper.
Beware of what you want. (old Chinese saying)
Fat folks eat too much despite protests to the contrary.
Lawyers (who draft the law) make a rich living from the fact that the average person doesn't understand the law.
Politicians lie a lot, it is their stock in trade
Don't bite the hand that feeds.
Never trust the man whose beliefs include abhorrence of your beliefs.
Be kind to fools, pregnant women and children. (abbot William of Bury 1352)