Thick as a brick

Posted by ESC on March 18, 2000

In Reply to: Thick as a brick posted by Bill Mullen on March 18, 2000

: I am trying to find the meaning and origin of the phrase Thick as a Brick. I believe its a Central European phrase. I already know it was used by Jethro Tull in a song of the same title but I do not believe it the phrase has its origins there. I believe the song is a pro-life statement but would like to understand the meaning of the title.

I thought it was a British phrase meaning stupid. But the No. 2 meaning here is something different: "thick -- adjective 1. stupid. a. 1800...'He must be as thick as two planks,' said Nick. 2. Brit. Unreasonable and intolerable; esp. in phr. 'a bit thick'..." From The Oxford Dictionary of Modern Slang by John Ayto & John Simpson (Oxford University Press, 1992).

We'll have to appeal to the British among us to sort this out.