Message at bottom??

Posted by Bob on March 10, 2000

In Reply to: Message at bottom?? posted by Frankie on March 10, 2000

: : Why is there a new 3/10/00 message (Don't Drown the Miller) at the bottom of the page among the January posts?

: : It's not a new message. It's a follow-up to
: "New list created-old message archived"
: Ann J. apparently asked her question at the bottom when that thread was openned. So it placed itself as follow-ups do which is under the question (as this one is doing). Here's a hint: I've noticed that new questions have a Dark or filled "Dot" next to them whereas follow-ups and answers have an empty or white "Dot".
: Wow I can't beleive I answered an ESC question.
: I feel like the tail just wagged the dog.

ok, but what does "don't drown the miller" mean?