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To each his own

Posted by Smokey Stover on January 31, 2005

In Reply to: To each his own posted by Bob on January 31, 2005

: : : I have heard that phrase
: : : to each his own
: : : to each of his own
: : : to each their own

: : : what does this mean
: : : I figured its like what goes around comes around.
: : : but I am not sure

: : I think it means something like 'there's no accounting for taste': we all have our own preferences, that sort of thing.

: To Each His Own

: Words & Music by:
: Jay Livingston & Ray Evans

: A rose must remain with the sun and the rain
: Or its lovely promise won't come true
: To each his own, to each his own
: And my own is you

: What good is a song if the words just don't belong?
: And a dream must be a dream for two
: No good alone, to each his own
: For me there's you

: If a flame is to grow there must be a glow
: To open each door there's a key
: I need you, I know, I can't let you go
: Your touch means too much to me

: Two lips must insist on two more to be kissed
: Or they'll never know what love can do
: To each his own, I've found my own
: One and only you

Chacun à son goût. De gustibus non est disputandum. SS

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