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Serge: please do not erase previous posts

Posted by Serge Liberman on February 21, 2005

In Reply to: Serge: please do not erase previous posts posted by Bruce Kahl on February 21, 2005

: : : David FG,

: : : You are quite correct and thank you for your clarification. The term did originate in the French National Assembly of 1789 where the nobles sat to the right of the president, and the commons sat on the left. This arrangement appears to have become customary in European parliaments more generally where the progressives sit on the left and conservatives on the right. My source states that it is also usual to speak of the left, right and centre when referring to the different elements comprising a single party.

: : : Serge.

: : It is the custom on this forum to put one's comments on the bootom, without erasing the provious postings. One can then click on the last message, and read all the contributions in the string. Thanks.

: Shift to the left is a dream I had recently--a fragment of a newspaper headline describing the political climate changing here in the US of A.

Thanks for your guidance. Understood.


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