Off the wall

Posted by Judge Njury on February 17, 2005

In Reply to: Phrase origin: off the wall posted by Bruce Kahl on February 16, 2005

: : off the wall, originaly posted june 30 an old black & white movie about billiards, a pool shark used the phrase "i never play OFF THE WALL with anyone but frends" after being offerd a que stick out of the rack hanging on the wall. the que being not streight.or just not quite right

: Hmmmm.
: Bartleby has it as:
: "A person or an action that is off-the-wall is "wild, irrational, unexpected, or unpredictable," the figurative sense suggested probably by the unexpected courses of objects ricocheting off a wall."

if Michael Jackson is not found 'bad' he may be found 'off the wall'.

just because he appears a weird sicko does not mean he is guilty.

having a rat called Ben as your best defence witness doesn't help much...