'on or in'

Posted by R. Berg on February 16, 2005

In Reply to: Which preposition goes with'early retirement' 'on or in' posted by al on February 16, 2005

: : : : Does anyone know which preposition goes with (early retirement) Is it 'on' or 'in' Thanks

: : : Here's the way I've heard it in the United States: He took early retirement. He retired early. If I had to choose, I guess it would be "on early retirement." Not sure though.

: : In the Western US "Upon early retirement I received a bonus..." (Literally, I did.) "During my early retirement the income was smaller than after... [Full retirement at age 65. But that gets into technicalities and not necessarily part of the language.]

: [And my mind got dull and I CR to often and create duplicate follow-up posts and....]

Employees of our company will receive a bonus on early retirement.
Some people take up a hobby in early retirement.
(Retirement as an event: "on." Retirement as a continuing state: "in.")