Origin of nursery rhymes

Posted by Henry on February 09, 2005

In Reply to: A catchy tune - alternative meaning posted by Gina on February 09, 2005

: Hello. I've heard there are some very old songs that children sing to this day without realizing that (by today's standards) may be prejudicial. My young daughter was watching a popular children's show (The Wiggles) and they sang a song with lyrics in part "Brown girl in the ring.....she looks like a sugar and a plum". I can't help but wonder if this had an alternative meaning.
: Also -Is there a website that lists some of the songs I'm talking about. Thank You -

You're quite right. Many nursery rhymes have an unexpected and often sinister aspect to them. However, I think Brown Girl in the Ring is simply a children's song.

You can search on Google for 'nursery rhymes history'. One site you could try is www.rhymes.org.uk which includes Lost Lyrics and the Secret History of Nursery Rhymes.