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Posted by Natty on February 03, 2005

In Reply to: Beyond mishap posted by Quagmire in Academia on January 31, 2005

: : What is the meaning of "beyond mishap" in the following promise: "It is yours beyond mishap"?

: : No matter what happens?
: : Unless something bad happens (and then it won't be yours)?

: : Thank you!

: Here is a passage from what I could gather by Googling.

: "See, Jan, the ship is yours beyond mishap; the mill goes free; your
: father may hold up his head again. And all I ask, Jan, is that you
: drink to me, willing the while that your soul may go from you and
: become the soul of old Nicholas Snyders--for a little while, Jan, only
: for a little while."

: From what I can gather, it means irrespective to circumstances, the fate or outcome does not meander.

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