Jesus stone

Posted by ESC on February 02, 2005

In Reply to: Jesus stone posted by Shae on February 01, 2005

: : Today I was reading a report that included directions to a house. It said there were three Jesus stones out in front. This was in Kentucky. Anyone have any ideas what a Jesus stone might be?

: I don't know but two-and-a-half possibilities present themselves. One is that Jesus was the 'cornerstone' of Christianity and I think I've seen a reference to him as a 'stone.' Allied to this is Peter, who was the rock upon which the Christian Church was built.

: The other is a rock group called 'Jesus Stone.' Maybe there were representations of members of the group outside the house.

: Either way, I don't think I'd want to buy or rent the house.

: As a totally irrelevant aside, there's the 'Jesus Pin.' I've been told that people who indulge in hang-gliding, having assembled their aircraft, secure the whole thing with a single pin that keeps it all together. Their last word after the pin breaks at an altitude of 200 m. is 'Jeeeeesusssssssss . . . . '

And that's as it should be. Last word wise. A lot better than "Sh*t!" I'm thinking that a "Jesus stone" might be one with a Bible verse painted on it. I can't find the term in any of my references so far. I am on a quest. One of my coworkers mentioned maybe it related to a statue of Mary in a grotto. But that's Mary in a bathtub.