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Posted by ACME on January 20, 2005

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: : : : : There is an expression 'one of the world's shortest books', which is a thoroughly tongue-in-cheek concept.
: : : : : These books would include --- "Great French War Heros',
: : : : : "Great Russian Philantropists", "Spotted Owl Recipes", "The Book of Virtues" by Bill Clinton, "The Engineers Guide to Fashion", "My Plan to Find the Real Killers", by O.J. Simpson. My personal favourite is "Different Ways to Spell Bob".

: : : :
: : : : Another short book -- "World's Most Popular Lawyers" --- also "Conrad Black's Ethics Guide".

: : : "Quality in Accounting" by the Enron staff

: : Those are delightful. My friends have had a go at me with "Different Ways To Boil Food: A Study In Irish Cooking"

: : SR

: Ignorance is bliss, I believe:

: "World's most popular lawyers"

: I may miss a few from a sweep across history, but

: many revolutionaries and statesmen have been lawyers
: Che Guevara?
: cigar-toting Bill Clinton (got elected to the biggest job in the world didn't he?)
: The Cheshire Cat a.k.a. Tony Blair
: Sir Thomas More (voted greatest lawyer of all time for daring to defy Henry VIII)

: for you American jurists - Oliver Wendall Holmes? Clarence Darrow?
: writers & performers like :
: Cicero, John Mortimer, John Grisham,
: William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, John Cleese,
: (probably) Geoffrey Chaucer,

: and in fiction...
: Perry Mason, Horace Rumpole, Kavanagh QC, John Deedes, Ally MacBeale, Michael Douglas in half his films,
: and that's leaving out lots and lots of one-off TV & film lawyers

: and here is the killer blow :
: Me!
: sorry...
: Nelson Mandela

: everybody who laughed at there being no popular lawyers go "D'Oh!" and bang your heads against the nearest door jamb.

: Lewis

I believe Lewis may be the "world's most popular lawyer." He ranks at the very top with me!