Expectations/ expectancies

Posted by David FG on January 19, 2005

In Reply to: Expectations/ expectancies posted by SR on January 19, 2005

: On television this morning, Dr. Phil, one of America's television advice gurus, said, "If you enter a relationship with too many expectancies..." It sounded strange to me as I thought 'expectations' would be preferred. He went on to use 'expectancy' where I thought it should be 'expectation.' Any help here on preference or which is more correct? Thank you.

: SR

Hmm. I would say (and this is only an opinion) that 'expectancy' is the state of being expectant, and as such can't be pluralized. 'Expectations' is certainly the word I would use in the context mentioned, and I definitely prefer it. But, chacun a son gout, I suppose.