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Fourth para

Posted by David FG on January 16, 2005

In Reply to: Fourth para posted by Word Camel on January 15, 2005

: : Hi,
: : I'm lost, please help me! I'm translating a British police-under-cover series (called "In Deep", maybe you know it?). Anyways, I'm having problems with a specific sentence (it's someone's police profile):
: : "...convictions for riot and affray, three years in fourth para, active service in Northern Ireland and the Gulf..." - what the hell is "fourth para"???? I couldn't find it anywhere. Does anyone here know? is it a prison or something? Please help...

: "Para" is short for paratroopers. "Fourth" is probably the division or regiment (military buffs may wish to chime in here). Basically he was in the military and saw combat.

I think you will find it is the 4th Battalion, the Parachute Regiment.

The UK doesn't have an entire Brigade of Paratroops. (Not any more, anyway - there may well have been one in the 2nd World War.)


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