It seems unlikely

Posted by Word Camel on January 13, 2005

In Reply to: Corker posted by Chris Kruger on January 13, 2005

: I just wanted to post another entymology for the word "corker" I was provided with by word of mouth. I'm curious to hear other peoples thoughts on this.

: During the 1600's the Spanish Armada operated around the area of Country Cork in Ireland. The inevitable interbreeding of Spanish and Irish in this region created exotic looking offspring leading the to stereotype of beautiful women coming from county Cork. Hence the idea of "She's a real corker"

: Thoughts?

I met a BBC film maker who made a documentary about the "inevitable interbreeding of Spanish and Irish". Specifically it was about the Spaniards coming ashore from the armada. According to him "it's all rubbish". The Irish evidentally slew the Spanish sailors to a man.

It must be that women originating in the West of Ireland are just inevitably gorgeous.

But actually, I don't think that's the origin of the term either. There's quite a good explanation in the archives. Just search for "corker".