Good beef, by t' mass! (Yorkshire and Midlands dialect)

Posted by Junius on January 09, 2005

is anybody familiar with this phrase (archaic)
*Good beef, by t' mass!* (Yorkshire and Midlands dialect)a kind of a 17th century oath.

This is an archaic expression from Yorkshire and also from the Midlands dialect, it was taken from a 'broadside' printed at York by Stephen Bulkley in 1673. The original broadside is lost, but a manuscript transcript of it was purchased by the late Professor Skeat at the sale of Sir F. Madden's books and papers, and published by him in volume xii. of the Dialect Society's Transactions, 1896.

A Yorkshire Dialogue between an Aud Wife a Lass and a butcher.

LASS. What mun I do wi' t' blude?
BUTCHER. Thou fool,
Teem 't down i' t' garth, i' t' midden-pool.
Good beef, by t' mass! an' when 'tis hung
I's roll it down wi' tooth an' tongue,
An' gobble 't down e'en till I worry.
An' whan neist mell we mak a lurry
A piece o' this frae t' kimlin browt
By t' Rood! 't will be as good as owt.

any clues or ideas?