"On your own" phrases

Posted by ESC on January 04, 2005

In Reply to: "On your own" phrases posted by TheFallen on January 04, 2005

: : : : I wonder if people in this forum have some good phrases meaning a person is 'on his own'in something .... in a situation that compels self-reliance? Or in a lonley terra incognita? Confronting a mystery or challengeon one's own.

: : : : Thanks.

: : : It's interesting that this question was posted by "Spark" because it was the character "Sparks" in The Ox-Bow Incident who sang the spiritual "Lonesome Valley" after the lynching. So, when you're on your own, you are "walking the lonesome valley". I can't seem to pin down a website with the exact lyrics that I recall from the movie, but Google finds lots of versions of it.

: : "Paddle your own canoe" is traditional.

: "Plough a lonely furrow" also. Or, if you want cockney rhyming slang... "all on your Jack", from Jack Jones, who was some sort of singer.

How about alone romantically. The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Georgette tells her boyfriend Ted to shape up or: You can play dot-to-dot with your own freckles.