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"On your own" phrases

Posted by TheFallen on January 04, 2005

In Reply to: "On your own" phrases posted by R. Berg on January 04, 2005

: : : I wonder if people in this forum have some good phrases meaning a person is 'on his own'in something .... in a situation that compels self-reliance? Or in a lonley terra incognita? Confronting a mystery or challengeon one's own.

: : : Thanks.

: : It's interesting that this question was posted by "Spark" because it was the character "Sparks" in The Ox-Bow Incident who sang the spiritual "Lonesome Valley" after the lynching. So, when you're on your own, you are "walking the lonesome valley". I can't seem to pin down a website with the exact lyrics that I recall from the movie, but Google finds lots of versions of it.

: "Paddle your own canoe" is traditional.

"Plough a lonely furrow" also. Or, if you want cockney rhyming slang... "all on your Jack", from Jack Jones, who was some sort of singer.

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