Posted by ESC on December 30, 2004

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: : : : : : The naturalist, J. B. S. Haldane, was asked by a cleric about what he might infer about the Creator, based on his wide ranging study of life.
: : : : : : Haldane supposedly replied the the creator had "an inordinate fondness for beetles" based on the then current count of beetle species at around 400,000.

: : : : : Good quote. And what was the one about God must love ugly people because he made so many of them. Abraham Lincoln?

: : : : Lincoln is credited with saying that about common people.

: : : Oh. "Ugly people" is funnier.

: :
: : This is slightly spooky: I alluded to the Haldane quotation only this morning - the problem was that I couldn't remember who the author was.

: : Have we entered the twilight zone?

: : DFG
: Perhaps so. I've been listening to the audio book of E. O. Wilson's "The Future of Life" while I commute, and I've been worrying about disappearing species of beetles....

This happens to me all the time regarding Phrase Finder. I'll be reading or listening to TV and hear a phrase and it will appear here. Or vice versa.