Work with me, Part 2

Posted by ESC on December 25, 2004

In Reply to: You have to work with me, Abe posted by Lexi on December 25, 2004

: : I found this one while reading the bible. Jehovah God told Joshua to command the priests who were carrying the ark of the covenant to dip there feet in the water and it would dry up. (Joshua 3:8,15) So they could have labored for hours carrying that ark to the banks of the Jordan but if they weren't willing to get their feet wet Jehovah would not have dried up the Jordan.

: Abe always complained that he never won the lottery. He prayed and prayed, and then got angry that God wouldn't help him to win.
: Finally, he got a message from above " YOU'VE GOT TO WORK WITH ME, ABE. BUY A TICKET!"
: Merry Christmas .. and thanks for working with me.

A man sat listening to flood warnings on his radio on a stormy night. He was a religious man so he did not worry. The storms came, the rains came. The rains continued and slowly the waters began to rise.Rescuers in a boat knocked at his door and urged him to jump into the boat and to be taken to a place of safety. He steadfastly refused. "God will save me, rescue others whose need is greater than mine."
The rains continued unabatedly. The waters continued to rise. By now the flood waters were 10 feet high and the man was forced to go upstairs. He was kneeling and praying when he heard a banging on the window. "Come on, get into the boat and we will take you to higher ground," the rescuers shouted. "No!.. I'm OK, I have faith in God, he will save me, go and rescue others who are in more need," he replied. The rescuers left....

The storms continued into the night and so the flood waters continued rising. By now the waters had risen 20 feet and the man was forced to climb onto the roof of his house. He was clinging desperately onto the chimney stack. He was dazzled by a search light from above and a voice urged him to climb the ladder and board the helicopter to be taken to a place of safety. He still refused, insisting that his God would save him..The helicopter left.

The storm raged on and the waters continued to rise. Sadly the man eventually drowned. He died and went to heaven. As he arrived at the pearly gates, he had to ask God one question, "You know that I've always been a religious man and have lived a righteous life, what I can't understand is, Why didn't you save me from the floods?"

God replied, "I sent two boats and a helicopter, what the bleep else did you want?" jokes/art_42-213-The-Religious-Man.html