Posted by Jose Carlos on December 20, 2004

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: : : : : Hi:

: : : : : What do you call the mindset of those men (mostly young men) who are obsessive about their physical appearance and spend most of their time in the gym, lifting weights and so on? This is not pure narcissism. It is a real syndrome. In Portuguese I have heard someone talk about 'vigorexia', but I don't know if a similar term has been coined in English.

: : : : : JC

: : : : Usually, fitness fanatic, with no gender restriction.

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: : : "gay"

: : Hey Word Camel:

: : Do you mean to say that Arnold Schwarzenegger could possibly be gay?

: : JC

: Well, a gay icon, at least. *grin*.

It may be so, but isn't it ironical that this man is a well-known homophobiac? If the gay community worships him, it may be a case of masochism.


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