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Posted by Al on December 18, 2004

In Reply to: Logon to our website posted by Gary on December 18, 2004

: Or rather, don't because we don't require a code/password and so there is no logon.

: Having had the doubtful pleasure of logging in to my workplace IT service daily for the past twenty years it's nice to be able to visit websites that don't require a login. The BBC who usually pride themselves on precision in language, are having an advertising binge on promoting their website just now, and keep inviting us to login there.

: Picture me, ranting 'no, no, no' at the tele.

: Perhaps the language just hasn't evolved fast enough to keep up with IT. Another one that gets me is 'computer expert'. If you work with computers there's not much else you can be apart from an expert. There was an attempt to invent 'software engineer' a while back but it didn't seem to stick.

Each morning I go to Google Top News Stories and read 6-12 stories at as many sites. "sign-in" is quite common as is "logon" and "login". As for "...expert", many news sources use the terminology. I notice 'expert' most often at the Washington Post online. I am thinking that Washingtonpost.com may have increased the use of expert when they promised to reference fewer "anonymous" persons but perhaps that is just a perception triggered by the announcement about "anonymous".