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Nigga amd selective acceptability

Posted by ESC on December 13, 2004

In Reply to: Nigga amd selective acceptability posted by Lewis on December 13, 2004

: British TV is presently screening a documentary about 'Big Ron' Atkinson - the guy who described Marcel Dessailly as a "fkg thick lazy [n-word]" - so they took him to the USA to discuss the word. The discussion included whether 'nigga' could be acceptably used by whites. Can anybody think of any examples of whether there are other words or phrases that only some people are allowed to use?

: I like words, but I don't like that word and would not use it in anything other than sensible discussion or v. carefully in very heavy irony. However, I find it strange that ANY words are banned from a whole group. what do other people think?

In the United States, I can't think of any instance where a white person could use the N-word. Ever, ever, ever. Not even in jest to a close friend.