Get Ghetto/Go Project

Posted by Lotg on December 07, 2004

In Reply to: Get Ghetto/Go Project posted by Brian from Shawnee on December 06, 2004

: Similar in usage to the familiar "go postal" or "get medieval". Attributed to unnamed individuals from New York City, December 2004, in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

: Example: "You don't gimme my money, I'm 'bout to go project on yo' ass".

: "Project" in this case refers to government owned and subsidized "housing projects" commonly found in ghetto areas of cities in the U.S. Projects and ghettos are notoriously violent, and justice is usually of the street variety.

Yes Brian, I've heard variations on this too. eg. a common one in Australia to describe someone who's gone completely out of control, or totally lost his/her temper, is to say they've 'gone ferral'. A politically incorrect variation on that is to 'go spastic'.

'go the' is also commonly used here, particularly if a choice is offered. eg. If someone says something like... would you rather go to the football, or go to the mountains for the weekend? The response could be 'go the football' - meaning, choose the football.

And on the subject of PC, I've also heard, and used this one myself in meetings, "don't go all PC on me, just give me the facts."

So yes, I hadn't really taken much notice til you brought it up, but the word 'go' has certainly gained greater usage lately. --GODDESS