Posted by DH on December 07, 2004

In Reply to: Off/from posted by SR on December 07, 2004

: : I finally got back to all the responses to my question "is 'off of' more correct than 'off from'?" I must say, no one said that it was definatively. I am from Michigan - to that person who was from the backwoods of the United States. To the person who said my example was gobbeldegook (forgive the spelling), how about "I am eating off of the plate" instead of "I am eating off from the plate"? I still think "off of" is the correct form. I'd appreciate anyone telling me I'm right or wrong and where you got the information. Thanks for all your helpful notes!

: Greetings from a fellow Michigander. I think "he ate 'off' the plate" or "he ate 'from' the plate" but not "off of" or "off from."

Have to agree with SR; "off of" ain't right thar--DH