Roughrider or rough rider pert sex

Posted by Keith Rennie on December 02, 2004

In Reply to: Roughrider or rough rider pert sex posted by DH on December 02, 2004

: : : Evidently not well-established. Could somebody w teeners pse chime in. Tnks vy
: : :
: : Rough rider is a well known type of condom decorated with ribs or pimples and refers to vigorous activity on the part of the male.
: : My (slightly post) teeners are of no help on pert sex and I'd be interested in the answer and where you found the term.

: Sorry, "pert" is short for "pertaining to" and I should have used the dot. I have heard "rough rider" refer to a certain dry operation, but Google doesn't do much good because for purely commercial reasons it won't reject "condum", while I'm not willing to sort through 8000 hits and that's why I need help--but thanks for your interest--DH

On "dry sex" which is quite well known subcultural practice in Southern Africa, my daughter collected some data (anecdotal, not statistical) for her undergraduate dissertation on gender and HIV/AIDS--I cant post the details publicly though. I never heard the term "rough rider" used in that connection in that part of the world however, and you might be better off looking in other places where the practice could also exist.