Posted by Keith Rennie on November 30, 2004

In Reply to: MEAT-PACKY posted by ESC on November 23, 2004

: : Hello to you all:

: : Could anyone tell me the possible definition of *meat-packy"? and if I presume it to mean *tightly packed* will it make sense?

: :
: : She looks mean-packy in her super-tight bikini.

: : Thanks

: There's an expression from my West Virginia childhood -- solid as a meathouse -- referring to someone's physique. Maybe the two phrases are related?

Welll I never did yet hear the meathouse, but I did often hear "built like a brick ****-house" to mean the same. Not as pretty, but I guess it just stands for any square solid solitary structure standing in the open air. Wonder which came first?