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Posted by Lewis on November 25, 2004

In Reply to: Learned professions posted by David FG on November 22, 2004

: : : These would include, I imagine, medecine, law, architecture and engineering. There must be more, priesthood perhaps?

: The Learnéd Professions are the Church, Medicine and Law.

: All others are pale imitations.


couldn't possibly disagree! mind you, if you came across as many ignorant lawyers as I do...

the church (theology), the law and medicine - all subjects that traditionally required considerable study and application - when I was an undergrad at college only lawyers and pharmacists did any bloody work. made us somewhat envious of the twats that 'studied' local government and 'building studies' - brickies/bureaucrats with CSEs was all THAT amounted to!

IMO brickies should do proper apprenticeships, not p1ss it up at college on silly courses, get arrested and suffer brain-damage at the hands of locals for behaving like a twat. a twat is a twat, whether he has a diploma in building studies or not. much more honest to do an apprenticeship and be respected.

If I were feeling abusive (rather than just p1ssed) after an evening in the pub winning the
quiz on the first time of asking (the benefits of education and innate talent) - I would remark what a bunch of failures local government degree students were too - those who failed law before the exams, got an 'easy' option to transfer and get a degree - doesn't that give you a bloody clue? let them qualify for running a local govt dept with millions of public money - because they were too thick to grasp legal issues. I know - I was there and saw failing student after student transfer. no wonder local government is full of second-raters and wannabes - who fk up all the time.

the 'professions' are those self-regulated roles that require the studious people to put the interests of the client first and submit to rigorous self-regulation. these days, it is a shame that few such people put the clients' interests above their own. make the professions just another 'business' and that is the ethical standard that you get. the professions have none of the privileges of professional status and hence the standards of service are lower.

let every failed lawyer still do conveyancing, litigation support, wills and probate under other titles and the public gets what it deserves. poor service and poor ethical standards.

what out for the results of the Clementi review - more rubbish available near you!

(a rather inebriated, yet sensible) L