Beating a dead horse

Posted by Braza on December 13, 2004

In Reply to: Beating a dead horse posted by Bruce Kahl on December 09, 2004

: : : : : The context:
: : : : : "In view of the high rate of divorce, this was of ten put forward as a reason for avoiding marriage". Can anyone clarify the meaning of "ten put forward".
: : : : : Thanks. Braza

: : : : Remove a space and it becomes clear. "This was often put forward."

: : : Braza, as I read it, there were ten reasons put forward for avoiding marriage, and the high rate of divorce is but one of them. SR

: : The three most important factors in discerning the meaning of a phrase (or the intention of the author/speaker) are usually (i) context (ii) context and (iii) context. A fuller context (esp 1 or 2 preceding sentences, but possibly the next sentence or 2, summarized if lengthy) would immediately help in deciding between (or against) these two different interpretations.

: : On the face of it, the second reading would have been more convincing only if the passage had read something like "only one of ten". But the second reading would nevertheless stand if the next sentence read "The other nine . . ."

: : Can you help us out here, Braza?

: : - Keith

: It is a typo:
: Remove a space and it becomes clear. "This was often put forward."

Dear respondents, many thanks for the clarification. I see.