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Little tricks

Posted by Brian from Shawnee (Pennsylvania) on November 16, 2004

In Reply to: Little tricks posted by Lotg (Australia) on November 16, 2004

: Some time ago ESC suggested bracketing our country name against our nom de plumes, in order to give others a better idea of our origins. I thought it was a good idea and did it for a while, then got lazy.

: But another good idea that I notice some people such as Smokey, David G and SR do, is place their initials at the end of their comments.

: I know I'm a slow learner and it's taken me a while to register this. But when replying to a long thread, sometimes I reply to comments further up the chain but can't remember who made them. So I have to go keep clicking back to find out. However, when people place their initials at the end of the comments - I can see instantly who made them.

: So maybe this is a good habit for us to get into???

I tried it once, but I spelled Pennsylvania wrong so I gave up. But Pennsylvania is too long to type, so I won't try it again, but I will try signing my posts. Hmmm. BfS? Nah. Brian. Yeah.


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