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A new leaf?

Posted by SR on November 16, 2004

In Reply to: It's Bigger than both of us posted by ACME on November 16, 2004

: : : : Where did this originate? What is it's meaning? Thankyou so much! ( think it means a situation or an attraction to someone)

: : : I've heard it used a lot in a somewhat facetious way, as though referring sarcastically to a somewhat Pollyannish saying about events or conditions more important than the lowly concerns of you or me or both of us together. Sorry I can't get closer than that. Do you have some context or source? SS

: : I think it originated as a cliché about passion, said by one member of a couple to the other in melodramatic novels and movies.

: When Adam first saw Eve.....he started to get an erection. He said "stand back, Eve. I don't know how big this thing gets".
: That's the official origin of the term.

And so it follows that Adam turned over a new leaf that day?

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