Pregnant Schrodinger's cat

Posted by Lewis on November 11, 2004

In Reply to: Schrodinger's cat posted by Ward on November 11, 2004

: : : : : Today's Site of the Day from (a wonderful site in its own right) is a Javascript lesson in orders of magnitude, recently discussed here. It's fun to look at.

: : : : Bob:
: : : : Thanks for that. Science education can be so much more interesting now than in the old days of bunsen burners. I'm optimistic for the future of science.

: : : Does it have an order form for half a vacuum? there's somebody on here who would like one...

: : : L
: : Yes, but very uniquely, she's semi-pregnant in the next universe over.

: Schrodinger should have used a possibly pregnant lady in his favorite thought experiment. The problem in science education is we haven't figured out how to put the sizzle in it. Maybe this site will help.

No - in the next universe over, the cat is pregnant if she is not in this one. that is, if that is the only variation we want to consider. she may be dead, or semi-dead, or partially dead of course...