What is the origin and what does it mean?

Posted by David FG on November 11, 2004

In Reply to: What is the origin and what does it mean? posted by whozthis on November 11, 2004

: : Can I please obtain help to settle a bet:

: : Does anyone know where the phrase "an invite is worth half the show" come from and what does it mean?

: : Thanks

: Ummm... well havent heard that one, does anyone there know? I searched the Internet but doesn't pull up anything. ESC, Smokey Stover do you guys have anything to say?

I have never heard it either. I am taking a guess here. I would assume it means something like the fact of being invited is an honour in itself and is, on its own, worth having, even without the added pleasures of the thing itself.

Stand to be corrected on this one.