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Seriously Platypus?

Posted by R. Berg on November 08, 2004

In Reply to: Seriously Platypus? posted by Lotg on November 08, 2004

: : : : : : : : In simpler days a young lady would get her intended to marry her by going off birth control pills and getting pregnant.(A bunny trap) Her dad would often help by hastily arranging a wedding without a many guests - a shotgun wedding.
: : : : : : : : Life is so much more complicated now. How does a girl actually rope in a reluctant groom in the current era?

: : : : : : : Pretending to be an utterly faithful nymphomaniac who loves sports is a good start...

: : : : : : The bigger mystery is how men get women to marry them.

: : : : : Pretending to be a dyed in the wool romantic who enjoys shoe-shopping, home decor, Ayn Rand novels and Russell Crowe/Pierce Brosnan/Orlando Bloom movies (choice here is dependent on the nature of the target bride) is also a good start...

: : : :
: : : : Ayn Rand? Russell Crowe/Pierce Brosnan/Orlando Bloom? Ewww... Ewwwwwww...

: : : : (clearly not the way to a camel's heart)

: : :
: : : Haha, what a bunch of cynics. Still, I do like some of the suggestions. And what's wrong with Russell??? I'll have him and Kevin Spacey any day.

: : : BTW, I like the 'bunny trap' term - haven't heard that one either. Although, never ever ever did understand ANY women going to such lengths. Not for this self-centred girl would that method be.

: : No matter how you slice it, the word "bunny" is funny. I understand what a "bunny trap" is but not why it is. Is "bunny trap" a reference to the fecund nature of rabbits or does it refer to the old pregnancy test in which a woman's blood was injected into a live rabbit and the rabbit was then dissected to look for ovary change?

: Are you kidding me? And was there any ovary change? I would have thought unlikely.

Not kidding. The well-known "rabbit test" preceded chemical pregnancy tests. Urine, not blood, was injected into the rabbit. The hormones in a pregnant woman's urine acted on the rabbit's ovaries.

Home pregnancy tests haven't always existed. Women used to have to go to a doctor to find out.

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