Posted by Lewis on November 08, 2004

In Reply to: Bunny trap and shotgun wedding posted by TheFallen on November 08, 2004

: : In simpler days a young lady would get her intended to marry her by going off birth control pills and getting pregnant.(A bunny trap) Her dad would often help by hastily arranging a wedding without a many guests - a shotgun wedding.
: : Life is so much more complicated now. How does a girl actually rope in a reluctant groom in the current era?

: Pretending to be an utterly faithful nymphomaniac who loves sports is a good start...

You mean that my wife (never caught being unfaithful), a woman not unenthusiastic in the bedroom department, for who each year I have to pay for a football season-ticket and listen to swearing/going into depression when the team loses - is pretending?
bloody hell! she's a much better actress than I thought and I'm bloody annoyed at all those football-related expenses she has put me to - for goodness sake, I even got hold of FA Cup-Final tickets for her when I was out of work. Bitch!
if she doesn't orgasm the next time we watch footy - I'll know you were right. the scales have dropped from my eyes.

I am soo annoyed.