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Posted by Brian from Shawnee on November 06, 2004

In Reply to: Whoops! posted by whoopsy on November 06, 2004

: Could anyone explain the
: meaning of each phrase below?
: Thanks
: I don't mean to be offensive .

: *chablis-sipping* Democrats

: "Nascar Dads"

: "Soccer Moms".

OK, I'll explain the meanings if you agree not to erase prior postings anymore.

First, let's start with "Wal-Mart Republicans" which this thread began with. That phrase refers to working-class people without a lot of money, who live in small towns and cities and who are concerned about the moral values their kids exposed to. They present as church-going even if only the women and children in the family go to church.

"Chablis-sipping Democrats", as I said, could be considered the opposite of the Wal-Mart Republicans. They have more money, are better educated, live in wealthy suburbs or urban areas, and go to church to get married, baptized, and buried.

"Soccer Moms" is a phrase that I first heard during the 1996 Presidentail election. It refers to middle-class suburban women whose kids play soccer and who drive mini-vans. These voters are concerned about affordable health care, good schools, and such. The husbands play golf.

"Nascar Dads" came about in 2000, I think, and refers to working- and middle-class men who take their kids hunting and to see NASCAR racing. (NASCAR is stock-car racing wildly popular throughout the U.S except in the Northeast. The cars are heavily modified versions of "stock" cars that can be bought from a dealer, as opposed to Formula 1 racing where the cars are built from scratch). Although the media supplanted Soccer Moms with Nascar Dads, they're complements rather than opposites in my opinion.

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