Posted by Word Camel on November 04, 2004

In Reply to: Multi-tasking /Loves Labour posted by TheFallen on November 03, 2004

: : : : : : Okay, entirely off-topic...

: : : : : : Dear Phrasefolk,

: : : : : : For your wit, your good humour, your friendship and for keeping my brain from shrinking to the point of no return you have my eternal gratitude. Here is the fruit of my labour. His name is Colin. Thanks for everything.

: : : : : : Your co-conspirator,

: : : : : : Camel

: : : : : : Who will resume posting when she finally gets some sleep.

: : : : : Congratulations! It must be nice when your labors bear fruit--or even better things. SS

: : : : That's great - well done.

: : : Ah! Love's labour is not lost after all! From all of us here in the north woods of Michigan, best wishes. It is a good strong name ye have given! SR

: : Congratulations, Lady Camel! Best wishes to all.

: Many congratulations! He's a handsome little chap. I wish him your inquisitive nature and your joie de vivre, but not your hairstyle... nor your ability to fail utterly to save Word documents following a patient rebrief.

: *grin* TF.

Hmmm, I think it was PowerPoint. Let's hope that's outmoded by the time he's grown. But truly I wish he'd spell/write/remeber well enough that if he ever was so affected as to press "no" when asked to save such a document, that he'd be able to repair it and carry it off far better than his mother did.

*grin* back.