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Multi-tasking (a little off-topic)

Posted by DH on November 03, 2004

In Reply to: Multi-tasking (a little off-topic) posted by Smokey Stover on November 03, 2004

: : Okay, entirely off-topic...

: : Dear Phrasefolk,

: : For your wit, your good humour, your friendship and for keeping my brain from shrinking to the point of no return you have my eternal gratitude. Here is the fruit of my labour. His name is Colin. Thanks for everything.

However, be ready: He will climb off the balcony, run into the street, expose himself at the mall, pee in your flowerpots, tear pages from your books, sample all the household cleaning products, torture the dog, want a gun, write hate notes to his clasmates, curse virulently when Aunt Nessie comes to visit, set fires int he living room, wanat a motorcycle, make pipe bombs, bring home speeding tickets, crash your car, impregnate young ladies far and wide....

So next time pray for a girl--DH

: : Your co-conspirator,

: : Camel

: : Who will resume posting when she finally gets some sleep.

: Congratulations! It must be nice when your labors bear fruit--or even better things. SS

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