Seed of reflection

Posted by ESC on November 02, 2004

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: Nicholas, an old man, loves young Christina.
: He thinks that she loves him as well.
: But old Dame says to him:

: "She'll fool you for the sake of her friends till you
: haven't a cent left, and then she'll laugh at
: you. Girls for boys, and old women for old men."

: And then the author says:

: "Girls for boys, and old women for old men." The phrase kept ringing in his ears. Hitherto his new-found happiness had filled his life, leaving no room for thought. But the old Dame's words had sown the
: seed of reflection... Was Christina fooling him?

: What exactly is the meaning of "seed of reflection"? A second thought? A doubt? A suspicion? A consideration?

: Thank you in advance!

She planted doubt in his mind.