Posted by Bookworm on October 13, 2004

In Reply to: My nose wasn't out of joint posted by Lotg on October 13, 2004

: : : : Put your nose out of joint:
: : : : Hurt your feelings or upset your plans--Phrase Finder
: : : : Make someone envious or jealous--Dict of Am. Slang,H-C
: : : : Vastly different defs, can both be right

: : : Well I suppose both mean they're getting you 'off side' - which is another term I need to look up for origin. Sounds like a cricket or football term.

: : : But I digress...
: : : I agree these two definitions do seem rather different, although I suppose it could be said that if you're envious or jealous it's as a result of someone upsetting your plans and/or hurting your feelings. But they are neither inextricably linked nor mutually exclusive.

: : 'Off-side' is a football (soccer and rugby) term. Don't know about other games, but it is not from cricket. Just a slight interjection - sorry!

: : DFG

: Don't be sorry. As you could see I wasn't too sure - but now I am. Thanks.

It is also used in American football.