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: : : In Tuchman's book "Stilwell" it says that stilwell participated in West Point cross-country team. I understand that it's a kind of sport you do outside in the fields etc., but is it skiing? running? driving? I mean, is it possible to know that from the west Point context?
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: : Well, in the UK, 'cross-country' would certainly mean running. I assume it would mean the same in the US, but I am ready to be corrected on that point.

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: I know nothing about sports. But Merriam-Webster says:
: Main Entry: cross-country
: Function: noun
: cross-country racing or skiing

Cross-country is literally what it sounds like, running or skiing across the country. Cross-country skiing is called 'Nordic' skiing. Cross=country running is similar to marathon running and is very popular in high school and college athletics here in the U.S. In this particular question, I believe that the author is referring to the West Point Cross-country running team.