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Posted by R. Berg on October 11, 2004

In Reply to: 18 with a bullet point posted by Bob on October 11, 2004

: : : : Fiona may be 18 but she barely looks it.
: : : : Shouldn't that be she barely looks like one?

: : : : Does the "she barely looks it* make sense

: : : : thanks

: : : Yes.

: : Do we get a photo of this bare 18 year old Fiona or am I on the worng shelf of the internet?

: : You could make the meaning clearer by saying "Fiona bare, hardly looks 18"...

: Harrumph. This is not the Phrase Finders I know. On the other hand, we quote e.e. cummings: "A pretty girl who naked is, is worth a million statues."

To answer the original question: the quoted sentence means that Fiona looks very young, perhaps younger than 18.